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Deadly Sins

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Ernie Scherer's CA life consists of leeching and lying. He now must toil to keep up the tales he has spun. Mostly a gambler, his other grifting schemes are also not lucrative. Childish at 29, Scherer looks to his parents for a handout. Seeing their son waste the money, they demand repayment. Concurrently, Scherer is being chased by more frightening creditors--Loan Sharks. Ernie needs lots of cash, pronto, or threats on his life will be reality. All avenues for help exhausted, Scherer thinks of a new way to raise cash quickly. Yet, with no experience at coping with reality, will Ernie's plot succeed? Valerie Martin, 35, once an upstanding CA citizen, gets hooked on methamphetamine with her White Supremacist son, Ronald, and his cohorts. At her job, black coworker William Whitehead, 61, becomes smitten with her. Valerie and son promptly move in with Bill, hiding any racism. Early on, it becomes obvious to Whitehead that Martin is merely using him. In 2003, when Whitehead refuses to give... Written by M. Dalgetti

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